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The smart design ideology encompasses a myriad of disciplines—from visual impact to overall strategic marketing of a company’s image or brand. It strikes a balance between creativity and functionality. smart design starts with listening to our client’s global vision, asking the right questions to define the parameters, and combining knowledge and research to produce a successful product. We incorporate the highest quality of work and attention to detail into every project. Our commitment, experience, and passion ensure the ultimate standard of design possibilities. This is what we stand for; this is kb graphic design LLC.


Let us create a unified image for all your marketing needs. kb graphic design LLC provides an array of services to accurately convey your message. Our creative delivers. It’s smart design!

smart services

kb graphic design llc provides an array of services for all your print and digital needs.


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about us

kb graphic design llc is a full-service design studio located in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Established in 1998, the studio develops and implements unique, creative solutions across all communications media. Clients include small, entrepreneurial groups and large corporations representing a wide range of businesses and industries, including automotive, food service, medical/healthcare, professional services, real estate, and technology.


kb graphic design llc is committed to our smart design philosophy.


our method

As part of our smart design philosophy, we realize that not every client and every designer are on the same page. Successful design must balance function and creativity. This is where our experience will lead you in the right direction.


The first step toward successful design is listening and learning. A collaborative approach between the designer and client yields the best product. We ask the right questions. In combination with the answers and our image evaluation, background research, and knowledge, kb graphic design llc will offer innovative design solutions that capture the unique needs of your business, product, or service.


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